Ana María Sampson

El activismo político en Europa, tres años elevando las demandas por Nicaragua

Cinco nicaragüenses continúan haciendo conciencia sobre la crisis política que vive su país de origen, desde Austria, España, Italia y Holanda

activismo politico

Three years of political activism in Europe, on behalf of Nicaragua

Five Nicaraguans are raising awareness about the political crisis that their home country is facing, in Austria, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands

What do signs tell you about Nicaraguan society?

Through Nica Signs. Carlos Zúñiga collects photos of signs that are a reflection of our sense of humor, but also of our economy and education

With safety at risk, moving to The Netherlands was their only option

More than 100,000 Nicaraguans left their country due to the political crisis. Three of them talked with us about their new lives in The Netherlands

Slang words and nicknames helped me understand Nicaragua’s political context

“El Bachi”, “Chayopalo”, and “sapo” are some of the terms that Nicaraguans have used to refer to people, events and personalities in the past two years

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