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Chile Offers Nationality to All “Stateless” Nicaraguans

Argentina says it is willing to also give citizenship to those who apply for it after being banished by Ortega

Ortega ataca a la Iglesia: “Los obispos, cardenales y Papas son una mafia”

Monseñor Báez: “¡Cuánta ignorancia, mentira y cinismo!“Un ateo, corrupto y criminal, confesándose inspirado por Cristo”

“Not even the most fanatical supporters expected” the release of prisoners, say government employees

So what "victory" were they celebrating at the march? "It was a failure because now they're in even worse shape due to the situation with the bishop"

Regime violates six international accords by stripping Nicaraguans of their nationality

All of these international legal instruments have been signed and adopted by Nicaragua, including some during Ortega's own past presidential periods

Copresidencia de Murillo es un “capricho” que ni siquiera cabe con una reforma a la Constitución

Es una “delgada línea roja”, legalmente improcedente, valoran abogados y especialistas

Chile ofrece la nacionalidad a todos los nicaragüenses declarados “apátridas” por Ortega

El Gobierno de Chile ofreció la nacionalidad chilena a los 317 ciudadanos nicaragüenses que fueron despojados ilegalmente de su nacionalidad

Citizens do not know they are “monitored” by the Russian SORM system

Access Now expert Gaspar Pisanu points out that diplomatic relations with Russia "may include" the acquisition of the spying technology

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