Police prevent delivery of medicine and food to 12 “hostages” in Matagalpa church

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez, bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa, is locked up along with five priests, two seminarians, two choristers, and two cameramen

More NGOs of all sizes shut down by Ortega

By canceling this new group of 100 non-profits, the regime raises the number of shuttered organizations to 1,206 in 2022 alone

Juan Luis Font: “System of corruption returns to Guatemala”

CICIG, Estado de derecho Guatemala

Juan Luis Font analyzes the arrest of journalist Jose Ruben Zamora and the persecution of former anti-corruption prosecutors

International condemnation of media closures in Nicaragua

The Inter American Press Association called on the international community not to abandon pressures for freedom of the press and democracy in Nicaragua

Ortega and Murillo place Bishop Álvarez under house arrest

Daniel Ortega’s Police informed Friday that Monsignor Rolando Alvarez is being investigated for supposedly “organizing violent groups”

Gioconda Belli: “There’s a vengeful madness” in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan writer assures that the citizens don’t protest because “they can kill them. The regime’s only strength is the army and the police.”

Ortega’s police persecute Bishop Alvarez and block parishioners

The religious leader took to the streets and preached, prayed and sang praises in front of the police who besiege him in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Ortega admits he rejected meeting with U.S. delegate who came to Nicaragua

The dictator justifies withdrawing acceptance of US ambassador Hugo Rodriguez, over his demanding the return to democracy in Nicaragua

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