Five years of calling for a “Christmas without political prisoners”

Twelve political prisoners will spend their fifth Christmas in prison, while the regime accumulates more and more prisoners of conscience in its jails

ley de soberanía, Presos políticos con covid-19

The express trials of three Nicaraguan political prisoners

They are accused of “conspiracy” and “false news”. The initial hearing was set for today, December 6th. CENIDH denounces “carbon copy” accusations

Costa Rica’s immigration reform would encourage “xenophobic manifestations”

Rodrigo Chaves' government argues that measures will prevent the refugee system from being misused by economic migrants

Ortega turns Nicaragua into Central America’s “Russian Base”

Analysts denounce Putin's growing ties with the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo as a regional threat

“In Nicaragua they can fabricate any crime against you” denounces Honduran Catholic bishop

Monsignor Jose Antonio Canales affirms that bishop Rolando Alvarez is isolated under house arrest because he is “a thorn in the side” of the regime

Leftist movements must face the case of Dora Maria Tellez

Dora Maria makes them uncomfortable. Her dignity. Her consistency. Because she won’t give in, she won’t sell out, she won’t surrender

New immigration rules for asylum seekers in Costa Rica

Asylum applicants face obstacles, although a special category for migrants from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua is renewed. Find out the details here

New kidnappings and bogus accusations in Nicaragua

The number of political prisoners continues to increase. The latest detainee is Max Jerez, father of the student leader with the same name

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