The hunger strike of political prisoners in Nicaragua

A dramatic call to break the silence and end the cruel prison conditions imposed by the regime of Daniel Ortega

Hunger Strike Nicaraguan Prisoners

Relatives of “wanted” political prisoners still in jail

The jailed citizens haven’t been charged or presented before a judge, nor have they been allowed any communication with their lawyers or families.

Elections in Brazil: a vote for democracy

Brazil runs the risk that the results of the elections will not be respected and that an unusual climate of authoritarianism will be established

Banished by the Ortega regime: Father Blandón “they are crucifying me”

Ortega’s order “disrupts daily life,” says expatriated sociologist Maria Teresa Blandon. HRW: “Nicaragua is not Ortega’s private property.”

“Not even Sandinistas can protest in Nicaragua anymore… we feel cornered”

“People don’t come to work, they leave the country without quitting, because you never know what could happen to you,” declares public employee

Ortega Regime banishes vice-rector of the UCA, Jorge Huete

In July, the regime had already denied entry to the now former rector of the UCA, Jesuit priest Jose Alberto Idiaquez Guevara

Ortega orders expulsion of European Union ambassador to Nicaragua

The Government verbally notified the diplomat of her non grata status, for alleged “interference with national sovereignty”

EU urges Ortega regime to return sovereignty to the Nicaraguan people

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister tells the General Assembly of the United Nations, that in Nicaragua “there is peace” and repeats anti-colonialist discourse

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