Leftist movements must face the case of Dora Maria Tellez

Dora Maria makes them uncomfortable. Her dignity. Her consistency. Because she won’t give in, she won’t sell out, she won’t surrender

New immigration rules for asylum seekers in Costa Rica

Asylum applicants face obstacles, although a special category for migrants from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua is renewed. Find out the details here

New kidnappings and bogus accusations in Nicaragua

The number of political prisoners continues to increase. The latest detainee is Max Jerez, father of the student leader with the same name

The audacity and invincible laughter of Dora María Téllez

Dora María Téllez Nicaragua

Words of gratitude on the occasion of Dora María Téllez being awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris, France.

Crisis impacts small and medium tourism businesses

Granada turismo Nicaragua

The resilience of entrepreneurs: "I want to stay close to my family, and I prefer to look for another business to be able to start over again here."

Dora María Téllez dedicates her Doctorate ‘Honoris Causa’ to Nicaragua’s political prisoners

Dora María doctorado

The political prisoner delegated journalist Carlos F. Chamorro, director of CONFIDENCIAL, to receive the New Sorbonne's recognition on her behalf.

Nicaraguan public employees: “We are all prisoners”

“There is a growing number of resignations, and many are thinking about migrating or putting a small store in their home,” says an INSS employee

“Ortega believes he can maintain power through repression”

Interview with Senator Emilio Alvarez Icaza, questioning Mexican president AMLO’s foreign policy regarding the region’s Human Rights violations

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