US Airlines Still Undecided on Returning to Nicaragua

Government continues to require American, United and Spirit, the list of passengers 72 hours in advance; Airlines allege that it will cause them losses

Moncada and two of Ortega’s sons meet with Putin’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov

Minister Iván Acosta asks the Russian "strategic ally" to revive China's failed interoceanic canal project

U.S. sanctions Nicaraguan gold company

According to the Treasury Department, the mining company funnels profits from gold experts to “high-ranking members” of the regime

Nicaraguan opposition groups remind Gustavo Petro of his criticism of Ortega

After the “electoral farce” of 2021, the now president-elect of Colombia said: “Ortega has transformed a dream of freedom into a banana dictatorship.”

Ortega grants citizenship to two ex-officials of former Honduran president Orlando Hernandez

Former Secretary to the President Ebal Diaz and former private secretary Ricardo Cardona received Nicaraguan citizenship

Cubans spend $23,000 to reach the U.S. via the “Nicaragua route”

Between October 2021 and April 2022, nearly 115,000 Cuban migrants have come overland through Central America to reach the US border

Leftist Gustavo Petro wins Colombian presidency

It is the first time that a leftist candidate will govern Colombia. With 98.22% of the voting stations reporting, Petro obtained 50.51% of the votes

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