Filmmakers fear “new censorship” of audiovisual productions in Nicaragua

Bill to give the National Film Center the power of censorship control could be included in the legislative agenda this week

OAS resolution on Nicaragua “reflects the isolation of the regime”

Nicaraguan analysts warn that the isolation will generate problems for the regime in the medium term

Julia hits Nicaragua as a category-one hurricane

Hurricane Julia touched the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua this Sunday at midnight with winds of 140 km/h, impacting between Orinoco and Laguna de Perlas

NGO closures cause “human drama” for Nicaraguans

Human rights advocates warn of negative consequences from the Nicaraguan government’s arbitrary closure of non-profits and the deterioration of public

Nicaragua on hurricane alert as Storm Julia approaches

The Nicaraguan authorities raised the hurricane alert throughout the national territory and urge preventive measures to be taken

Nicaraguan political prisoners continue hunger strike

Relatives are worried about the prisoners’ health. They denounce the isolation in El Chipote and retaliation in the La Modelo penitentiary

Central America on alert as Tropical Storm Julia strengthens

Nicaragua is in the trajectory of Tropical Storm Julia and begins preparations for potential heavy rains

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