Maduro follows the footsteps of Daniel Ortega and Kim Jong-un

There has not been in Venezuelan history, such a fierce and sustained repressor of the working class and its leaders as the so-called worker-president

William Gonzalez, the 22-year-old Nicaraguan poet who has triumphed in Spain

He emigrated when he was eleven. His first book of poetry, Los Nadies, portrays the poor, the marginalized, the migrant.

Nicaragua offers a “platform” for Iran in Central America

Former US Ambassador John Feeley considers the offer a “bad joke.” Visit of Iranian Foreign Minister was characterized by rhetoric and zero results.

Ortega regime absent from hearing on indigenous land abuse

The case dates from the Ortega regime’s project to construct an inter-oceanic canal, during which the government failed to consult with the indigenous

Ortega shutters Nicaragua’s Private Bank Association and another 16 NGOs

With this latest annulment, the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has outlawed 3,199 non-profit organizations since 2018

State workers: “The public service is kidnapped by Ortega and Murillo”

Former prosecutors and judicial workers admit that the actions of Ortega’s police, judges and prosecutors are “unconstitutional” and “immoral.”

IMF “embellishes” report on the government’s economic management in 2022

IMF foresees 3% growth for Nicaragua in 2023 but insists on “the need for further efforts to improve the business climate, transparency and governance"

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