Argentine justice opens investigation on crimes against humanity in Nicaragua

A Buenos Aires federal prosecutor filed a criminal complaint against the authorities of Daniel Ortega’s regime

Nicaraguan government eliminates 100 more NGOs

Ortega Guillotine Accumulates 2,207 Non-Governmental Organizations Eliminated During 2022

Alert on kidnapping scams affecting Nicaraguan migrants in Mexico

Alert on kidnapping scams affecting Nicaraguan migrants in Mexico

Reactions to Ortega expected from European Union and United States

Proposal to suspend EU-Nicaragua trade relationship. US warns of possible expulsion of Nicaraguan ambassador as reciprocity.

“Public employees’ real support for the regime is minimal”

“We’re hostages,” says “Alicia”, a Nicaraguan state employee with twenty years of service, now working at an upper management level

More political prisoners: Seventeen accused of alleged conspiracy and false news

La Prensa workers and relatives of politically persecuted are accused; Mother of the accused claims: “My son was captured as a hostage”

The hunger strike of political prisoners in Nicaragua

A dramatic call to break the silence and end the cruel prison conditions imposed by the regime of Daniel Ortega

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