Roxy Williams: Nicaragua’s “emerging space leader”

This 22-year-old Nicaraguan woman wants to be the first astronaut from her country; and, step by step, she’s moving towards her goal

Food crisis worsens in Nicaraguan indigenous territories

The past month’s rains caused serious flooding that washed away the crops that would normally be harvested at the end of July and beginning of August

Daniel Ortega revokes approval of new US ambassador

Diplomat Hugo Rodriguez advocated in the US Senate for an end to human right violations and a return to democracy in Nicaragua

Nicaragua: Wiping out NGOs “will devastate” poorest citizens

They indicated that the cancellation of the legal status of more than 1,200 associations “represents a clear pattern of repression of civic society”

Accident in Nicaragua ends journey of 13 Venezuelan migrants

Among the 16 deceased there are 13 Venezuelans and one Nicaraguan; Two other people have not yet been identified

Rule of law sliding in Guatemala, says HR researcher

CICIG, Estado de derecho Guatemala

An investigator from Human Rights Watch notes that the situation in Guatemala bears some similarity to that of Nicaragua

Nicaraguan political prisoner Yubrank Suazo given 10 years

After over two months of solitary confinement, relatives of political prisoner Yubrank Suazo were able to see briefly him

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