2021 political prisoners reach one year in prison

Twenty of the first 21 people who were incarcerated in 2021 were convicted in political trials, and one of them, Hugo Torres, died in state custody

Nicaraguan mother’s day is proclaimed a national day of mourning

The demand was raised in the tribute “Traces of the Rebellion”, held on the fourth anniversary of the May 30, 2018 massacre.

Gustavo Petro wins first voting round of presidential elections in Colombia

Rodolfo Hernandez finished second and will compete with Petro for the presidency in the runoff set for June 19, 2022.

Ortega to close down 83 more NGOs, the list grows

With these 83 cancellations, the regime will have canceled 356 NGOs and associations since 2018, of which 282 in 2022

Nicaraguan migrants to the U.S. increased by 735%: 12,000 detentions in April alone

Between January and April 2022, 53,714 Nicas were apprehended at the U.S. border. The total for the same period the year before was 6,433

UN experts to investigate crimes of the Ortega dictatorship

Human rights advocates recommend continuing the investigations, by building on work already done by the international community

Ortega closes six more international NGOs in Nicaragua

The Organizations are originally from Italy, Costa Rica, Germany, the United States and Spain. There are already 28 foreign NGOs eliminated

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