Photo Gallery: Nicaraguans stayed at home during municipal elections

Improvised FSLN “computing centers” identified their supporters who had not yet voted, to go for them; most others stayed home.

Open Polls: Voter abstention reaches 82.7% in municipal elections

The poor turnout, caused by the "electoral farce", is a defeat for the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, according to political analysts and experts

Ortega and Murillo take over all mayoralties in Nicaragua

Municipal Elections 2022: The FSLN already had control of 141 mayorships and was declared the winner of those in the hands of collaborationist parties

Haydee Castillo: These are the “worst elections” in Nicaragua’s history

Elections expert Leandro Querido offers three reasons why Daniel Ortega is bothering to conduct municipal elections, although only he can “win”.

Nicaraguan public employees ordered to prove they voted

Public employees will be monitored during the municipal elections this Sunday. They also fear that the ballots they turn in will be inspected

The municipal electoral farce and the illegitimacy of the regime

The exclusion of citizen participation in elections devoid of guarantees will expose the isolation of the dictatorship.

Student organization denounces kidnapping of two of its members by the Nicaraguan army

Mildred Rayo and Miguel Flores were on their way to Managua and were detained near Rio Sapoa, in Cardenas, Rivas

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