Ortega closes six more international NGOs in Nicaragua

The Organizations are originally from Italy, Costa Rica, Germany, the United States and Spain. There are already 28 foreign NGOs eliminated

Ortega and Murillo’s viciousness against women’s organizations: 24 NGOs cancelled

Nicaragua is left without shelters for women victims of violence, after the cancellation of two dozen non-profits that defend women’s rights

Monsignor Rolando Álvarez back in Matagalpa under heavy police deployment

A bilateral communication between a priest and the Government allowed the exit of Rolando Alvarez from Managua, who remains under Police surveillance

More than 60 indigenous families flee from settlers and abandon farming areas

The Prilaka Foundation calculated that some 348 citizens took refuge in the community of Sang Sang, where they have no house or land to farm

What’s it like growing up “without papers” in a country that you weren’t born in?

40% of immigrant children in Costa Rica's schools don't have legal immigration status. Most are Nicaraguans and not having papers affects their wellbei

Is Venezuela Rebounding?

  • Grisha Vera*
  •  24 de mayo 2022

The Venezuelan economy appears to be improving after hitting bottom, but the political situation remains mired in authoritarianism

Archdiocese of Managua expresses solidarity with Monsignor Rolando Álvarez

Writer Sergio Ramirez points out that the Episcopal Conference “should not hesitate to give a unanimous, firm and unwavering support” to the bishop

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