Conflict among Sandinistas due to FSLN travel restrictions

Local FSLN leader resigns from party post; conflict confirms the use of police as surveillance apparatus against FSLN militants

UN human rights mechanism for Nicaragua “has teeth”

“The only one who loses by not cooperating is the government”, warns Juan Pappier, of Human Rights Watch

Ernesto Medina: The regime “is killing the soul of our universities”

The former university rector points out that the legal reforms seek “to consolidate political control in the universities.”

Rodrigo Chaves elected Costa Rica’s new president

Economist Chaves defeated rival Jose Maria Figueres, who received 47.1% of the vote. The turnout was 57.2% of the regiestered voters.

New Ortega law against NGOs: “A robbery protected by law”

The Ministry of the Interior can intervene and suspend a civil society organization for up to three years; its directors can also be imprisoned

Drinking water projects left in “limbo” due to Centro Humboldt closure

The organization denounced the deforestation and invasion in protected areas of the country, and also warned of the 2018 fire in the Indio Maíz reserve

Nicaragua passes a new law “regulating” non-profits

The new law legalizes the unilateral confiscation of assets from organizations deemed to be engaging in “political propaganda”.

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