The “guillotine” drops on local media in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

The Ortega-Murillo regime closed between Monday and Tuesday, a feminist radio, ten Catholic radio stations and a private television channel

Daniel Zovatto: “Ortega provokes a hardening of US policy”

The restoration of democracy in Nicaragua is a medium and long-term process. “We should be prepared for a marathon,” he counsels

Ortega police violently assaults Sébaco parish church

Priest surrounded inside the church by riot police reports one wounded; they seize equipment from a radio shut down by TELCOR

Point of No Return Is Very Close in Guatemala

Journalist Jose Ruben Zamora’s life is at risk wherever he is being held

Journalism in exile and the battle for the truth

In the face of the criminalization of freedom of expression, we journalists have an obligation to protect the identity and safety of our sources

Why democracy must be defended in Brazil

People around the world who believe in democracy are watching the Brazilian elections amidst Bolsonaro’s threats

Roxy Williams: Nicaragua’s “emerging space leader”

This 22-year-old Nicaraguan woman wants to be the first astronaut from her country; and, step by step, she’s moving towards her goal

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