Yet another massacre of the Mayangna People in Nicaragua

At least four residents of the Wilu community were murdered by land colonists, who also set fire to all the homes there.

Ortega subjects Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez to “forced disappearance”

The religious leader has now spent over 200 days in the custody of the Ortega regime, which refuses to give out any information about him.

Pope’s condemnation of Ortega is a “major endorsement of the persecuted Church”

Uriel Vallejos and Erick Díaz, priests in exile: "The regime is afraid –panic-stricken– of the people's faith in the processions, but the people will c

José Antonio Peraza: “We learned to respect each other” in El Chipote jail

"If there's one thing we came to understand in jail, speaking amongst ourselves, it's the profound errors we've committed," states Peraza

Feminist activists: Avoiding exile was an act of “resistance” and “solidarity”

Sofia Montenegro and Azahalea Solis noted that they left Nicaragua when there was no other option. “We spent these last five years under house arrest.”

Mohamed Lashtar, the Libyan operator of Ortega’s “hidden interests”

Gaddafi's nephew has been a frontman, FSLN deputy, Daniel Ortega's private secretary, and now ambassador to the Middle East and Africa

Ortega severs diplomatic relations with the Vatican

The order was given hours after Pope Francis described Ortega as a “imbalanced dictator”, and was communicated at the Vatican headquarters in Rome

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