Doña Carmen, a Famous Natural Healer in Chontales, Nicaragua

Doña Carmen Bravo Duarte’s best allies are her patients, who have taken on the job of extolling the effectiveness of her methods

Lula Reaffirms his Commitment to Latin American Integration

“We won’t tolerate environmental degradation,” the newly inaugurated president affirmed in his first address after being sworn in as Brazil’s president

The Most Important News Items from Nicaragua in 2022

We summarize the 11 most prominent news items during the year for Nicaraguans living under the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship

Nicaraguan Public Employees’ Inside Struggle against Tyranny

Public employees rejected the radicalization of the dictatorship in 2022 and denounced the surveillance and espionage

Human Rights Violations of Nicaraguan Political Prisoners Continues Unabated

The latest “special visits” to the political prisoners reaffirm the capricious and arbitrary way the regime treats the political prisoners

Ortega’s Dictatorship Is Financed by Tax Extortion

The state machinery of the DGI (tax office), Customs and City Halls is designed to blackmail and punish companies, businesses and commerce in Nicaragua

Report on Criminalization of Human Rights Advocates in Nicaragua

An investigation exposes the Ortega-Murillo regime’s use of criminalization as a systematic tool for control

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