Ortega expels Thomas Ess, head of mission for the International Committee of the Red Cross

The ICRC confirmed that they received a letter from the Government informing them that they are withdrawing their “approval” of the Chief of Mission

Political prisoners Harry Chavez and Yoel Sandino sentenced

Harry Chavez and Yoel Sandino sentenced

Economist Harry Chavez and the digital activist, Yoel Sandino, were sentenced to ten and eleven years in prison.

Nicaragua needs more civic heroes

Arturo McFields, who has been inside the spheres of the regime, said clearly that there is weariness in the State. I certainly believe that

Arturo McFields: “I am the proof that there are many more, do not lose hope”

Ambassador denounces cruelty against political prisoners and tells public servants: “lose your fear”

McField’s rebellion met with government silence in Nicaragua

“We are the majority… we just look at each other and gesture, that is how we prefer to remain,” explains a public employee

Attorney Paul Reichler resigns from the Ortega Government

“My moral conscience requires me to cut ties,” states the international legal adviser in his letter of resignation

Neurosurgeon leaves Nicaragua due to attacks and threats

Dr. Jairo Gutierrez has attended some of the victims of aggression, among them Justo Rodriguez, who was sent home from jail in painfully bad condition

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