The honorable defection of Arturo McFields

To defect from totalitarianism is an honorable and often heroic act. McFields strips the regime naked, and he does so with a simple warning

“Boric’s challenge is to generate change with stability”

Journalist and writer Patricio Fernandez, a delegate to Chile’s Constitutional Convention, speaks of the challenges and contradictions of Gabriel Boric

Nicaragua’s OAS ambassador rebels against Daniel Ortega

Arturo McFields assures that he is raising his voice for the political prisoners and those killed by the Ortega regime’s repression.

CONFIDENCIAL joins global campaign of solidarity with journalists in Ukraine

We invite our audiences to join a global solidarity campaign in support of journalists in Ukraine

All seven opposition candidates sentenced to prison

Urnas Abiertas: “This is the consummation of the political persecution and prosecution against any opposition leadership or force”; Costa Rica condemns

Ortega’s political prisoners with Covid-19, eye-sight and fungus problems

Relatives request that the prisoners in El Chipote be released to house arrest, or at least transferred to a regular prison

BCN says that GDP 2021 grew 10.3% and that unemployment is only 4.3%

The Ortega regime inaugurated CABEI headquarters with Dante Mossi. Head of the BCN forecasts economic growth between 4.0% and 5.0% in 2022

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