ONAP, Granada International Poetry Festival and 17 other NGOs to be cancelled

ngos to be cancelled

Since 2018, 267 organizations, associations, foundations, centers, institutes of civil society have been forced to cease operating.

Nicaraguan Priest: “If anything should happen to me we know where it came from”

Priest Harving Padilla

The priest denounced the fact that both he and the congregation of Masaya’s San Juan the Baptist Church have been suffering “more persecution”

Minsa applies expired Sputnik Light and Pfizer vaccines

Medical sources confirmed that Minsa ordered to apply expired batch between January and February 2022, without informing the population.

American Nicaraguan Foundation closes in Nicaragua

American Nicaraguan Foundation cierre en Nicaragua, ANF

ANF ​​is the second NGO to close operations due to a lack of donors in the last seven days. Nicaragua continues to lose community projects

El Salvador and Honduras abstain, while Mexico and Argentina condemn the assault on the OAS

Abstention is an endorsement of "impunity" in Nicaragua, while 29 countries condemned Ortega.

The Ortega regime proposes to dismantle another 25 NGOs

Women’s organizations, and others for local development, public participation, and environmental protection are the new victims in the onslaught

The world under dictatorship: democracy in decline

A full democracy only exists in a handful of countries. The world is mostly being led by authoritarian governments.

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