Ortega’s police assault Confidencial’s Newsroom


Armed police officers completely emptied out the offices, including all the journalists’ equipment

The Nicaraguan Army “has the Obligation” to Speak Out

Nicaraguan Army

“At least say: ‘stop the massacre.’ (But) the Army commander does not have political authority” to do it, says Roberto Cajina.

Nicaragua: After the Bullets, No Peace for the Students

Their lives changed in April. Some barricaded themselves in their universities, were expelled by bullets and now fight against their own “demons.”

Bipartisan US Congress Approves the “Nica Act”

Bipartisan US Congress

The legislation conditions loans to the Government from multilateral entities and will impose individual sanctions to the regime higher-ups.

US Banks Pulling-Out of Nicaragua

US Banks

Wells Fargo and Bank of America notify national banks of cessation of their correspondent relationship.

Imprisoned for Being Humane: Nicaragua’s Niquinohomo Sisters

Niquinohomo Sisters

Olesia and Tania Munoz gave humanitarian support to the protests; for this solidarity, the government is keeping them in jail.

Nicaragua’s Business Executives Meet Wednesday Amid the Crisis


Business assembly this Wednesday: COSEP and its advisors: AmCham, Funides, prominent executives and young entrepreneurs.

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