Violence against Nicaraguan feminist activists worse in 2022

More than 550 attacks against feminist defenders and the closure of almost 200 women’s associations and foundations

Ortega judge indicts Oscar Rene Vargas for unspecified crime

The State claims to be “wronged” by an intellectual exercising freedom of thought.

Ortega erases Dennis Martinez’s name from the national baseball stadium

The former Major League star pitcher became a strong critic of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, following the massacre unleashed in 2018

The IMF on Nicaragua: Ignorance, naivete or complicity?

International Monetary Fund bureaucrats made recommendations and left. The dead, prisoners and exiles are recorded in other accounts

UN subcommittee against torture blocked from Nicaragua

“It is the first time we have encountered such a total refusal to cooperate,” says a UN official

Nicaraguan police kidnap sociologist Oscar René Vargas

Agents abducted him when he went to visit a sister who is in a delicate state of health. He was taken to an unknown destination

More than 850,000 households in Nicaragua depend on family remittances

The sacrifices of "Carlos", "Donald", "Patricia", "Andrés", and "Raúl" to send remittances, Nicaragua's fastest-growing economic category

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