Dictatorships, Truth and Justice: What Awaits Nicaragua?


The processes of obtaining justice can be slow, but they inevitably reach those responsible for brutality. No matter how safe they feel today.

“Journalism Is a Dangerous Profession in Nicaragua”

Edison Lanza, Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the IACHR warns: “Nicaragua is the country in the region that has the most arbitrary dete

Gioconda Belli: Celebrating the Rebelliousness of My Compatriots

one swallow

One of Latin America’s most important writers, Belli is a former Sandinista revolutionary who is now a critic of the Ortega government.

Former FSLN Political Secretary at the Nicaraguan Central Bank Speaks Out

Ligia Gómez

On April 19, in an emergency meeting in the Japanese Park in Managua, Fidel Moreno laid down Rosario Murillo’s final order: “We’re going in with everyt

Rosario Murillo’s Orders during the Crisis

Vacunación contra la covid-19

The logbook of e-mails sent by Rosario Murillo between April 19th to 25th

Mothers of April Demand Justice for Crimes against Humanity


They also demand a mechanism that “would make possible the trial and punishment of the perpetrators and intellectual authors of crimes against humanity

Ortega Presents His Proposal of “Reconciliation”


The general objective of the governmental policy is supposedly to strengthen a “democratic state”.

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