Manipulation of Family Visits to Political Prisoners Denounced

Government recognizes 204 prisoners, of which seven are already convicted. However, human rights organizations have registered more.

Nicaragua’s Tourism Industry Remains Crippled by Insecurity

Tourism Industry

A total of 83% of tourism companies have reduced their operations by 30%.

Nicaragua: Five Months of Civic Rebellion in Five Cartoons

Pedro X. Molina chose the five cartoons of his that best portray the crisis in Nicaragua since April 18.

Nicaragua and the Trap of a Civil War

“Surely, the darkness of war covers any brightness of what could be called civil…there is no more disputable name for war than a civil war”.

Nicaraguan Neurosurgeon Reveals Torture Cases He’s Attended

Josmar Briones supported the demonstrators since the protests began and was a witness to the human rights violations

What Ortega Has in Common with Other Dictators?

Dictators, besides being repressive, are liars. They can also pretend that they are not interested in riches, but they always die affluent.

Fact-checking Daniel Ortega’s Version of Events

Fact-checking Daniel Ortega

He denies the existence of paramilitary forces, political prisoners, torture, corruption and nepotism.

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