Central American Bank offers loans to Nicaraguan businesses

The business executives met with bank officials, the Finance Minister, the President of the Nicaraguan Central Bank, and the Banking Superintendent

Iran promises fuel and to “neutralize aggression” on Ortega

The Oil Minister condemns “interventionism” and maintains that Iran will study completing the aborted Nicaraguan refinery promised by Venezuela

Nicaragua´s priority today: Freedom for all Political Prisoners

The 181 political prisoners in jail today symbolize national dignity and the hope for democratic change

María Teresa Blandón: Closing of NGOs “has no legal basis”

Director of La Corriente explains that the organization didn’t register as a “foreign agent”, because the law requiring them to do so is unconstitution

Curbing migration: U.S. insists on reinforcing borders, Mexico on investing in Central America

The Biden administration insists on reinforcing borders while Mexico seeks greater investment in Central America

Ortega’s war on Nicaraguan civil society continues

Daniel Ortega has closed, since the end of 2018, at least 218 organizations, foundations and universities, according to a count by CONFIDENCIAL

Daniel Ortega to close 25 more NGOs, reaching 119 in 2022

The total number of non-governmental organizations the regime has shuttered since 2018 rises to 193. In 2022 alone, they’ve now closed 119

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