The Murder of Angel Gahona Left in Impunity

Angel Gahona

Brandon Lovo and Glenn Slate are the first political prisoners to be condemned by the dictatorship for the death of Angel Gahona.

Students Face the Repression: but What’s the Strategy?

They abhor caudillismo (strong man politics) and want to break with the political vices inherited from the past; they see themselves as “spokespersons”

The Social Networks have been Our Eyes

Cellphone in hand, Nicaraguans have led and documented an unprecedented civic insurrection.

Police Brand Nicaraguan Student Edwin Carcache as a “Terrorist Leader”

Edwin Carcache

Police: “they are perpetrators of terrorist acts in roadblocks, destruction, looting and burning of a university building and of public institutions".

How Effective was Friday’s Work Stoppage?

Work Stoppage

Large businesses, the private banks, supermarkets and international chains united in support of the general strike called by the Civic Alliance.

Irlanda Jerez 54 Days as a Political Prisoner in Ortega’s Nicaraguas

The dentist and small business leader Irlanda Jerez remains in the La Esperanza prison under a “ludicrous” accusation, state her relatives.

Nicaragua’s Civic Alliance Calls Third National Strike on Friday, Sept. 7

The strike is “for the liberation of the political prisoners, the National Dialogue and for peace,” the group affirms.

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