Dutch Legislators Warn Sandinistas of Becoming “a Great Shame”

Spokespersons from three leftist parties request an end to the repression and polarization generated by the Government of Daniel Ortega.

Nicaragua: A Vandalic Granny against the Invisible Men

Vandalic Granny

“Dona Coquito”, provider of water to demonstrators, as well as Dona Flor and marathoner Alex Vanegas, have become symbols of the rebellion.

Nicaraguans See Their Civil and Political Rights Disappearing

Political Rights Disappearing

At least 18 articles of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights have been repeatedly violated by the Ortega-Murillo government.

Nicaraguan Athletes: from Medalists to “Terrorists”

Renowned Nicaraguan athletes have been victims of physical aggression because of their participation in peaceful marches against Daniel Ortega.

Past and Present Student Protest in Nicaragua

Amnesty, Peer-to-Peer, Protest Education

The more universities become like businesses, their diplomas are worth less in the job market.

Nicaragua: The Regime Threatens Edwin Carcache to Incriminate the Bishops


According to his lawyer, the young man is in cell number 300, which is narrow, dark and with little space to walk

Granada: the Colonial City Looks Like a Ghost Town


80% of the small hotels have closed, 60,000 jobs have been cut, and the economic losses add up to US $400 million dollars.

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