The failure of a 21st-century totalitarian dictatorship

The resistance of the press is key to the recovery of freedoms and the suspension of the police state

Torture persists in El Chipote: restrictions on political prisoners tightened

During the most recent visit authorized by the regime, family members confirmed a decline in the political prisoners’ physical and psychological health

An Ortega judge convicts Nicaraguan business leaders

The Prosecutor’s Office requested nine years for Alvaro Vargas and thirteen years for Michael Healy.

Quaker Oats Company closes processing plant in Nicaragua: 150 left unemployed

Nicaraguan company had to pay more taxes, more expensive electricity bills, and invest in a climate of insecurity until it could no longer afford it

Pinita Gurdian: “I was impacted by seeing how much thinner Ana Margarita is”

They have not been able to erase her sincere smile or the purity of her gaze that reflects a compassionate and generous soul.

Former diplomat Edgar Parrales to get 8 year sentence

The Prosecutor’s Office requested eight years in prison for the former diplomat. Sentencing will take place on Thursday, May 5.

Pedro Joaquín Chamorro placed under house arrest

After his health deteriorated, the political prisoner was transferred to his home.

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