The Caravan Across Europe to Denounce What’s Happening in Nicaragua


We speak with Yerling Aguilera, a participant in the “International Caravan of Solidarity with Nicaragua.”

OAS Meets Tuesday to Discuss another Resolution on Nicaragua

Options include demanding that the Inter-American Development Bank to scrutinize the credits to be disbursed or applying the Inter-American Democratic

Ortega’s Lie about Nicaragua Returning to “Normal”

You mustn’t forget that after the low tide, comes high tide, and that here, we do know how to overthrow a dictatorship.

People Who Can’t See Past Their Nostalgia

It isn’t strange for members of the Left, who stand in solidarity with Ortega, to have a blurred vision about our current situation.

Ortega Regime Incriminates University and MRS leaders for Terrorism


Accuses those named of financing and supporting “terrorist” groups. Ortega wants to destroy the Civic Alliance.

Nicaragua’s Civic Rebellion: The First One Hundred Days

*“The peaceful revolution demanding an end to dictatorship is on an uncertain path, but Ortega has already lost the political battle.”

The OAS Considers Options for Nicaragua Crisis

  • EFE
  •  29 de julio 2018

Options under consideration are to create a “special commission” of 12 countries, blocking loans from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

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