Poems by Ernesto Cardenal Seem to be Written Today

Ernesto Cardenal

Barricades have been put up and these poems have gained new life in this new wave of civic resistance.

Nicaragua’s new democratic revolution is authentically Sandinista

  • Christopher Neal
  •  21 de junio 2018

In real democracies, of course, the government does not send the police and armed gangs to brutalize and kill protestors

Investigation Set for Arson that Destroyed the Offices of Blu Nicaragua

Fire in BLÜ Nicaragua, Radio Activa, Click and TiquetEra. Cortesy | Confidencial

It was malicious damage,” affirms founding partner Nicolas Bolanos.

Sergio Ramirez: Ortega Negotiated his Exit with the USA

Sergio Ramirez

The author and former vice president warns: “His continuance in power is unfeasible” while the elections are being moved up.

Nicaragua Paramilitary Groups Receive Orders “from the Highest Level”

A “State terrorism” strategy, security experts explain.

Open Letter to Rosario Murillo

“You’ve written the darkest page in the history of the FSLN, you’ve murdered anew all the heroes and martyrs who fought for Nicaragua.”

A Victory for Life at a Roadblock in Nicaragua


Life forged its own path between bullets and mortars at a roadblock in Jinotepe

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