Nicaragua Paramilitary Groups Receive Orders “from the Highest Level”

A “State terrorism” strategy, security experts explain.

Open Letter to Rosario Murillo

“You’ve written the darkest page in the history of the FSLN, you’ve murdered anew all the heroes and martyrs who fought for Nicaragua.”

A Victory for Life at a Roadblock in Nicaragua


Life forged its own path between bullets and mortars at a roadblock in Jinotepe

Four Premises to Negotiate Ortega’s Surrender

Four Premises

This is the last historic opportunity that Nicaraguans have to implement a lasting democratic change, with justice and without impunity.

Managua’s Techno Barricades in the City’s East Side Barrios


The national work stoppage on Thursday was celebrated in this part of the capital.

Leon Behind Barricades in Repudiation of the Ortega-Murillo Regime


Over 100 barricades were erected to defend the university city, after the first, more local citizens’ strike took place on Tuesday and today, Thursday,

A Call to Nicaragua’s Police: “Put Down Your Arms”


“Put down your arms, my countrymen on the police force. Stop your acts of repression and join the peaceful protest.”

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