For Sandinistas, who aren’t Danielistas, it’s Time to Serve your Country

This isn’t about the discount rate for big business, it’s your country calling!

Nicaragua: The National Dialogue Process Thus Far

Confidencial | Carlos Herrera

Who benefitted the most from the Dialogue Process? The Nicaraguan people, without a doubt.

Nicaragua: The Civic Rebellion and the Regime’s Final Stages


Stagnation or prolonged conflict? The stages and timing that define Nicaragua’s inevitable future.

Ortega and the US Join Hands at the OAS?

Pacto EE UU con Nicaragua

Joint US-Nicaragua Declaration Involves the OAS in a National Dialogue to “Strengthen Democratic Institutions”

Daniel Ortega’s Death Squads are Free to Act in Nicaragua

paramilitary forces

The population has denounced paramilitary forces traveling on vehicles linked to state institutions

Nicaragua Dialogue Frozen Says Bishops


Baez: “We don't speak generically of “violent acts” but of acts carried out by “armed groups related to the government against the civilian population"

“Mothers of April” Ask Private Employers to Support a National Strike

Mothers of April

The “Mothers of April” Movement condemned the massacre that occurred during the peaceful Mother’s Day march of May 30th

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