Ernesto Cardenal: The Poet that Melds God and Science

Ernesto Cardenal
  • Franklin Villavicencio
  •  29 de enero 2018

The depth of Ernesto Cardenal’s personality has never been fully understood. Revolutionary, religious leader, sculptor, painter and teacher; a Marxist

Nicaragua’s Rural Anti-Canal Movement Reorganizes Amid Tensions

“The movement isn’t going to fall apart. What we want is to correct our mistakes and not let them influence us,” affirms rural leader Francisca Ramire

Is the Movement of Money between Banks in Nicaragua to Avoid Sanctions

Deposits grow in the Albanisa bank following the closing of accounts in three other banks for fear of being affected by US sanction against PDVSA

Marriage equality and legal name and sex change for transgender people

  • Cindy Regidor
  •  16 de enero 2018

20 countries in the Americas to guarantee same sex marriage and identity rights for transgender people

Arce Defends Roberto Rivas over Corruption Charges


The presidential adviser asks: “What are the acts of corruption? What are the acts that violate human rights?”

Costa Rica Investigates Nicaragua’s Roberto Rivas for Money Laundering

Roberto Rivas

In Costa Rica, Rivas, through a limited company, has several properties, including a piece of land valued at US $193,000

Why I Didn’t Tell My Partner I’m Gay

  • Edelma Reyes
  •  8 de enero 2018

These are the stories of three Nicaraguan couples and a marriage, where one of the partners involved discovered that they weren’t heterosexual.

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