Nicaragua Canal Magnate Wang Jing Linked to Ukraine Scandal


As the magnate’s projects are suffering setbacks around the globe Bloomberg has published an article about the numerous tight spots

This Is What Happened in Nicaragua to the 2017 March to End Violence Against Women

  • Elmer Rivas
  •  28 de noviembre 2017

Women from Chinandega, Masaya and Matagalpa were detained by the Police and, without giving any explanations, they occupied the vehicles

Nicaragua: Why There Was No Abstention in 1990

In the face of the sad new realities imposed by Ortega and Murillo, people respond with the only form of rebellion left: abstention

Nicaragua: “Enhancing” the Dictatorship?

Nicaragua doesn’t need to enhance the Family-State-Party system to install a new dynasty. It needs to dismantle it.

FSLN Takes 135 City Halls after Local Elections

Ortega’s party will control the 15 departmental capitals of the country. The indigenous party Yatama loses the three city halls it had previously contr

Nicaraguan Human Rights Center: “Conditions for free choice are non-existent”

elecciones municipales

Vilma Nuñez: “Voting will contribute to deepening the violations of the population’s human rights.

Russia Opens Police Training Center in Nicaragua

Security expert criticizes the secrecy surrounding Russia’s aid to the Ortega government.

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