The War on Secrecy

  • Lucy P. Marcus
  •  13 de abril 2016

Once everyone gets the message that secrecy carries unacceptably large risks, they will act in ways that minimize those risks

Nicaraguan Legislature Rejects Initiative to Revoke Canal Law

Alba Palacios argues that the Supreme Court hasn’t allowed appeals based on the Canal’s unconstitutionality

Over 28 thousand signatures against the Canal

National Council for the Defense of the Earth presents their proposed bill to repeal the canal legislation

Construction suspended on Tumarín hydroelectric project

Following five years of delays, the political crisis in Brazil and the Lava Jato case deal the final blow to the energy megaproject

Gimme Shelter From Dictatorship

Rock and roll has officially come to Cuba. The next, much bigger step is for the autocrats to get off the floor

AirBnB: a Hotel in Your Own Home

Nicaraguans rent out rooms, houses or apartments and find lodging in other countries

Castro and Obama’s Key Moment

14yMedio is a media outlet blocked by the regime, but “we’re an island that specializes in opening windows when doors are closed"

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