Nicaragua’s Ministry of Celestial Bodies

In Ortega's project, both roots are intertwined, the modernizing of the old socialist Sandinism and the traditionalist of the new caudillista clan

Regime Tries to “Clothe in Legality” their Confiscation of Popol Na

Former guerrilla leader Mónica Baltodano maintains that “legally” the building doesn’t belong to the government.

Challenges Facing a Potential New Government in Nicaragua

Protesters, New Government in Nicaragua

How to overcome the problems of a dictatorship to democracy transition. Punish criminals. Do justice, not revenge.

Daniel Ortega Supporters Create Closed Conversation Networks

Journalist and researcher Mildred Largaespada feels that the opposition has more ‘freedom” to converse on social networks.

FSLN Campaigning: The EVU and the Single-Party State Machinery

With the opposition in jail, the FSLN is campaigning with state resources. It also maintains political surveillance of voters in the neighborhoods

Antonia Urrejola’s Appointment Brings “Great Expectations” in Nicaragua

Chilean lawyer Antonia Urrejola was elected as president of the 2021 Board of Directors of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

European Deputies Analyze Election Panorama for Nicaragua

european parliment, Foreign Agents Law, European deputies

European deputies say they’ll “remain on the side of the Nicaraguan people.” They pledge to exert more pressure on the Ortega regime.

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