Daniel Ortega leads Nicaragua towards “Cubanization”

Business organizations will not be able to have employees or bank accounts. “It is a new blow to the economy and the welfare of Nicaraguans”

Ortega closes down Nicaragua’s main business organizations

The news of the shuttering of Cosep, the main private sector representative, and 18 business organizations became official on Monday, March 6th

Nicaragua, “a nationwide crime scene”

Nicaragua’s dictatorship prevented them from visiting the country, but that did not stop them from conducting a thorough investigation.

Lesther Alemán and the hope for change

He was the target of hatred and viciousness by police and interrogators "for having questioned the commander" at the national dialogue in 2018

“There is evidence of Ortega and Murillo’s responsibility in crimes against humanity”

The president of the UN Group of Experts hopes for an extension of the mandate to investigate more: “All of Nicaragua is a crime scene,” he says

How to report under a dictatorship: lessons from Nicaragua and beyond

Memorial lecture at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University, March 6, 2023

Dictatorship does not take responsibility for Nicaraguans affected by closure of more than 3200 NGOs

Regime wiped out or confiscated organizations that helped the most vulnerable population, but the beneficiaries are still in need

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