Rule of law sliding in Guatemala, says HR researcher

CICIG, Estado de derecho Guatemala

An investigator from Human Rights Watch notes that the situation in Guatemala bears some similarity to that of Nicaragua

Nicaraguan political prisoner Yubrank Suazo given 10 years

After over two months of solitary confinement, relatives of political prisoner Yubrank Suazo were able to see briefly him

Atenas, a canton that welcomes Nicaraguans in Costa Rica

A growing group of Nicaraguan migrants has formed in the last decade a community in the canton of Atenas, in the central valley of Costa Rica

Manuel Orozco: US eyes Nicaraguan mining and free trade zones

“The national crisis and increasingly strained relations with the US government will spark new migration: 250,000 Nicaraguans will leave this year.”

The social outbreak in Panama needs a political solution

The sharp increase in the cost of living is seriously aggravated by rampant social inequality and widespread corruption

La Prensa removes its personnel from Nicaragua

Journalists, editors, photographers and other workers have left the country in the last few weeks to protect their safety and freedom

Massacre of NGOs continues in Nicaragua

With the approval of these new bans, 1,106 organizations will have been stripped of their legal status by the regime in 2022

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