Relatives Visiting Ortega’s Political Prisoners Mistreated

Forced to strip and squat before being allowed in to see their relatives in jail. Prisoners were finally allowed a visit following 85 days of isolation

Jared Genser: “Dictators only release political prisoners when they have to”

The international lawyer considers that Ortega's mistakes and the growing international pressure will have “unpredictable consequences for the regime”

Relatives of Nicaraguan prisoners demand “proof of life”

November 15th, marked 81 and 60 days respectively since the last time the prisoners were seen or heard from. Authorities have offered no explanation

Edgard Parrales, Ortega’s oldest political prisoner, turns 80

The Ortega regime sentenced him to eight years in prison and although he is under house arrest, he has not been examined by doctors

Ortega annuls another 100 national and foreign NGOs

With this recent annulment of NGOs, the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has banned 2,781 organizations, from the end of 2018 to date

Joaquin Sabina: Outraged at Ortega’s betrayal of Nicaragua

“Those of us who’ve been leftists have a responsibility to tell the truth about some of the Left’s disasters,” the Spanish musician commented.

Perceptions of Boric and Evo in relation to Nicaragua

I thank Gabriel Boric for not remaining silent. Evo: Enough of justifying the atrocities against freedom and justice committed by Daniel Ortega!

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