La Prensa removes its personnel from Nicaragua

Journalists, editors, photographers and other workers have left the country in the last few weeks to protect their safety and freedom

Massacre of NGOs continues in Nicaragua

With the approval of these new bans, 1,106 organizations will have been stripped of their legal status by the regime in 2022

United States revokes sugar quota for Nicaragua

The United States can take away our partial or total access to the market, applying a security clause.

Panama experiences largest protests in decades

Thousands of Panamanians demand that the government reduce the cost of living, including gas, food, medicine and energy prices.

Victims of Operation Cleanup: “Without justice the people will not have peace”

At the recent July 19th celebration, the dictatorship applauded the massacre that took place in 2018, to squelch the massive protests

Ortega discards dialogue with the USA: “It’s like putting a noose around your neck”

Daniel Ortega, nationally and internationally isolated, did not speak on July 19 about the serious national crisis nor did he propose any solution

Ortega’s drive to wipe out journalism in Nicaragua

  • Infobae
  •  21 de julio 2022

The departure of 15 Nicaraguan journalists through trails on the border has been documented in the last two weeks.

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