Ana Margarita, I pray for your unconditional release

I pray for their unconditional release of the 167 political prisoners. The only wish I feel at all times is to have my daughter by my side.

Cosep maintains its distance from the Ortega Regime

“We are facing an uncertain future. The business community is not willing to allow itself to be manipulated by the Government,” said a board member.

CABEI approves USD382.6 million loan to Ortega

Bank pledges independent oversight and audit, and mechanism to report ethical violations or non-compliance

Ortega-Murillo regime closes nine more NGOs

So far this year they have ordered the closure of 57 non-governmental organizations, between national and international

Ortega justifies break with Taiwan, claims ideological affinity with China

Ortega exclaims that China and Nicaragua are “sister revolutions,” without explaining why he waited more than 14 years to make the switch

Nicaragua receives vaccines after restoring diplomatic relations with China

The first 200,000 doses of the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine Sinopharm have arrived. A million vaccines have been promised by Ortega’s newest ally

Alignment with China: “Ortega seeks resources to stay in power”

China expert warns: “Cooperation agreements with little transparency are coming. China is very transactional and recognizes strategic opportunity”

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