Silvio Prado: “The Sandinista Front has colonized the municipalities”

Political control of the 153 mayor’s offices in Nicaragua, one more step towards the establishment of a de facto one-party system

Néstor Moncada leads the “purge” of Sandinistas in Rivas and Carazo

A judicial branch magistrate, mayors, political secretaries and FSLN operators have fallen from the ranks in the last nine months amidst scandal

Alex Vanegas restores monument to Ruben Dario in Los Angeles

Vanegas was arrested by Daniel Ortega’s police five times, for which he decided to go into exile, first in Costa Rica, and later in the United States

Still in custody: 21 people detained by Ortega-Murillo regime during sham municipal elections

Three of the 21 people arrested in the recent electoral context have been charged the Judiciary with "conspiracy" and "propagation of fake news"

Nicaraguan business leader Jose Adan Aguerri back in El Chipote

He had been under house arrest for nearly three months after over a year in jail

US extends Nicaraguans’ TPS protection until 2024

However, when that allotted period expires, they’ll be up in the air once again, amid the 2024 presidential campaign in the US

CONFIDENCIAL’s YouTube Channel is temporarily suspended, we’ll be back soon!

Our YouTube channel Confidencial Nica is temporarily suspended, after an international scam attempt with alleged cryptocurrencies

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