Feminists Call Attention to “Dire” Situation of Ortega’s Political Prisoners

They call on the international community “to condemn the different manifestations of repression in Nicaragua.”

Ortega Regime Cancels Legal Status of 15 More NGOs

Forty-five national and international NGOs have been officially dissolved by the regime in the last month.

The mistakes that led to the opposition’s failure

Internal purges, ideological sectarianism and political contamination by parties linked to Ortega's government ate away of opposition unity

EU calls on Ortega to release prisoners & open to dialogue

Joseph Borrell rejects accusations of the Ortega regime against Spain, which he considers “unacceptable.”

Manuel Orozco: OAS can suspend Nicaragua before November 7

“Ortega’s coup d'état ended democracy, 60,000 Nicaraguans will emigrate to the US this year, crisis scenario in 2022”

Ortega condemns La Prensa, justifies blow to press freedom

He accuses the newspaper of “money laundering” without evidence, attacks the “devil’s priests”

Takeover of “La Prensa”: The latest assault on freedom

This threat is destined to fail, because they can never confiscate independent journalism

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