Nicaragua’s HR Office Urged “Not to Be Complicit”

President of the Central American Council of Human Rights Attorneys and Advocates calls on her Nicaraguan colleagues to respond to the regime’s repress

Police Storm Nicaragua’s La Prensa Daily, Hold its Workers

Take over occurs a day after the newspaper announced that its print edition will no longer circulate due to a “blockade of supplies”

“In Nicaragua, the electoral route has been closed. Latin America’s democracy is at stake”

Daniel Zovatto and Michael Shifter: more external pressure and national resistance to stop the repression and free political prisoners

The Insults of Nicaragua’s New Colonizers

New Colonizers, doctors exile, rosario murillo

Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega do not cease to shame us before the world with their teenage behavior and public tantrums.

The electoral hostages of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo

Aspiring presidential candidates, opposition leaders, journalists, and businessmen comprise a group of 32 citizens recently detained by the regime.

FSLN “Buries” the Electoral Process, as US Senate Approves Renacer Act

Politicians, analysts, and human rights defenders condemn the regime’s action of eliminating the last opposition political vehicle from the elections

The civil resistance that Nicaragua needs

A form of struggle with collective, disruptive, non-institutional and non-violent actions with a strategic hierarchy of complementary objectives

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