Javier Nart: “European Union will not recognize Ortega’s elections”

There is no need for candidates, ballot boxes, or voters, but rather minimum conditions for the realization of democratic elections, assures the MEP

UNAB: Nicaragua’s Elections Lack Any Legitimacy

Opposition organization warns that the voting results “are already in”, but citizens must decide whether to participate

Why the EU Sanctioned Murillo and Her Inner Circle

For the first time, the sanctions include Ortega’s top economic advisor, Bayardo Arce, and Supreme Court President, Alba Luz Ramos.

EU Sanctions Rosario Murillo and Seven Senior Officials

The list also includes Juan Carlos Ortega Murillo, Bayardo Arce, Gustavo Porras, Ana Julia Guido, Alba Luz Ramos, Fidel Dominguez, and Juan Valle

The April Rebellion Buried Rosario Murillo’s Hopes of a Dynasty

By jailing his principal political competitors, Ortega also destroyed the legitimacy of the November elections

Political prisoners in maximum security cells “urgently need” medical attention

Relatives denounce that officials at La Modelo prevent medicines from entering, while the health of their family members deteriorates day by day

U.S. warns “extreme” caution when investing in Nicaragua

State Department: Regime has created “an unpredictable investment climate, fraught with reputational risks and arbitrary regulation”

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