Ortega’s Police Arrest Defense Attorney Maria Oviedo

maria oviedo

The arrest of Dr. María Oviedo occurs in a context of more repression against defenders of political prisoners and those who denounce the regime

Ex Salvadoran President Granted Nicaraguan Citizenship

Former president Salvador Sanchez Ceren is accused of illegal enrichment, embezzlement and money laundering.

Haiti, Nicaragua, & Cuba: Showcases of Reverse Colonialism

That uncritical support for the perpetuation of Ortega’s rule in Nicaragua is also reverse colonialism

FSLN Deputies Cancel Legal Status of 24 NGOs

Among the affected NGOs are 15 medical associations that have criticized the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in Nicaragua.

Police Arrest Former Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre Sacasa, under Investigation

The former diplomat was stopped and arrested while returning to Managua after Nicaraguan border officials at “Peñas Blancas” blocked his exit to Costa

Ortega Violates Rights & Guarantees of Political Prisoners

Institutions controlled by the governing party disregard all norms of due practice, the Constitutional guarantees and signed international treaties.

Costa Rica to Vaccinate Undocumented against Covid-19

President Carlos Alvarado said they are already looking for vaccine donations and that more details will be forthcoming later in the week

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