Ortega orders confiscation of 16 houses and raids home of Sofia Montenegro and Azáhalea Solís

Police operation executed 48 hours after Montenegro, Solis, and 92 other citizens were stripped of their nationality and their property confiscated

The tyrant is a sore loser

The tyrant now has a serious problem with the priest locked up in jail. Does he think that captivity will reduce the bishop’s fortitude?

The dawn of a free Nicaragua

The dictatorship is strong a second before it falls and beyond negotiations, it is up to Nicaraguans to take full responsibility for their destiny

The time for public employees

Ortega and Murillo’s law of the jungle brought the public employees, both civilian and military, to their knees. They, too, are hostages of the regime

Jared Genser: “Ortega destroyed his prisoner release gesture”

International human rights attorney believes that the conviction and prison sentence of Monsignor Rolando Alvarez “reveals Ortega’s fear and weakness.”

Ortega uses Russian system “SORM” for espionage in Nicaragua

SORM technology allows the monitoring of credit cards, e-mail, phone calls, text messages and social media.

Ortega strips 94 Nicaraguans of nationality and citizen rights

The list includes the director of Confidencial, Carlos F. Chamorro, Bishop Silvio Baez; authors Sergio Ramirez and Gioconda Belli.

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