The Dictatorship has a “Master Plan” against the Independent Press to Impose Censorship in the Electoral Process

The regime is “hurt” by Confidencial’s resilience after the raid and occupation of its studio and newsroom in 2018. Meanwhile, it strikes at the media

Carter Center Advisor Slams Nicaraguan Elections

Nicaraguan Elections

Experts warn that a fraudulent electoral process could generate a new wave of massive protests and emigration.

Interpreting the Ortega Dictatorship’s Onslaught

Daniel Ortega does nothing more than follow the same formula that his counterpart s of the most diverse ideologies have applied

Murder on the Border: Risks Nicaraguan Migrants Face

Norma left Nicaragua to work and build her house. She was killed along one of the unmarked crossing points

New Ortega Police Raids Denounced at Home & Abroad

OAS, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression and Nicaraguan business condemned the outrage

Cristiana Chamorro Rejects “Money Laundering” Accusation

Opposition presidential hopeful assures that her candidacy stands. “I remain firm at this time with my proposal to serve Nicaragua,” she said.

Riot Police illegally raid Esta Semana and CONFIDENCIAL’s studio looking for “coup plotters”

Without a warrant, police seized computers, cameras and television editing equipment, and took dozens of boxes with documents

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