Rosario Murillo Calls for a Walk “Love in Times of Covid-19”

The World Health Organization suggested just the opposite, avoiding mass crowds to prevent coronavirus, but the Ortega government calls for big rallies

The government of Daniel Ortega and his wife/VP Rosario Murillo made a call to public employees and other supporters to attend rallies this Saturday, March 14, across the country “in solidarity with the countries affected by the coronavirus”.

Meanwhile in numerous countries around the globe public activities and mass meetings have been canceled and banned, to prevent the spread of covid-19, something Murillo apparently believes Nicaragua is immune to.

In her daily noon half-hour soliloquy, Vice President Rosario Murillo invited Nicaraguans to participate in her “Love in times of covid-19” walk, which will take place throughout the country.

The poster calling for the walks in the midst of the coronavirus threat in Nicaragua, circulated in the official media.

“Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be walking with the force of faith and hope throughout the country, in solidarity with all the peoples, families and brothers and sisters of the entire world who are facing this pandemic. Love in times of the covid-19”, said Murillo.

The regime regularly organizes these marches, attended by fanatics and state workers, to demonstrate the support of the “people” for the decisions of President Daniel Ortega.

“United in neighborhoods, communities and territories to take care of ourselves together. Responsibility of the State, citizen responsibility, we all have to learn to take care of ourselves as brothers and sisters, to take care of ourselves together”, says Murillo.

Avoid crowds

Murillo assured that the Ministry of Health has implemented all the international sanitary recommendations to prevent the coronavirus; however, the World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested avoiding mass crowds to prevent covid-19 infections.

Numerous countries, or parts of them, have declared emergencies imposing quarantines to contain the expansion of the coronavirus.

In Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama have all canceled grade school and university classes, concerts, and public activities. Some have prohibited the entry of travelers from countries with cases of covid-19.

Meanwhile, Murillo has reiterated in her addresses that Nicaragua will not establish “any type of quarantine” for travelers.


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