crisis in nicaragua

The record stampede of Nicaraguans to the US and Costa Rica

With more repression and a foreboding future: 72,699 Nicas arrived to the USA, and in Costa Rica there are 30,795 new requests for asylum

nicaragüenses en Estados Unidos

UN experts to investigate crimes of the Ortega dictatorship

Human rights advocates recommend continuing the investigations, by building on work already done by the international community

Manuel Orozco: “Nicaragua has become an outlaw state in impunity”

Orozco explains the keys to the failed rapprochement of the Ortegas with the US and the strategy of international pressure on the regime

Nicaragua´s priority today: Freedom for all Political Prisoners

The 181 political prisoners in jail today symbolize national dignity and the hope for democratic change

Lessons from the 100 days when the dictatorship was against the ropes

Tefel, Mairena, and Medina: “the most visible leaders are imprisoned, but the grassroots leadership is intact and continues organizing.”

Monsignor Báez, from exile: “Crucified nations also resurrect”

monseñor silvio báez

Auxiliary Bishop of Managua talks about “the regime of cruelty”, the pain of political prisoners and Pope Francis, and the prophetic Church

Multi-faith open letter to the Nicaraguan government

Religious leaders and Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim believers sign an open letter to the Government of Nicaragua

Arturo McFields: “I am the proof that there are many more, do not lose hope”

Ambassador denounces cruelty against political prisoners and tells public servants: “lose your fear”

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