IACHR Gathers 1500 Testimonies of Repression in Nicaragua

OAS to Give Ortega Another Chance to Negotiate a Solution to the Crisis

Working Group, headed by Canada, proposes a resolution within the framework of the Democratic Charter, but it would not be as forceful as a suspension.

Ortega Refuses to Return Confiscated Property in Nicaragua


The regime even refused to return the ID documents they had taken from the released political prisoners.

Anonymous from Nicaragua: the Pain of Being Alive

Anonymous from Nicaragua

Testimony of a young student who was raped and tortured by Daniel Ortega’s paramilitary…right in front of her city’s mayor.

Yubrank’s Dance and the Spirit of Nicaragua

“This young man reminds the people of Nicaragua that the struggle continues, and that what is dreadful, worse than the prison where he was kept”

La Última Mirada News: Las sanciones no le hacen sombra a la “tranquera”

El drama de los nicaragüenses refugiados en Costa Rica ante la emergencia

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