Former Magistrate Rafael Solis Warns of Ortega’s Strategies

Magistrate Rafael Solis

Solis recommends that the Civic Alliance refuse to return to negotiations until all the political prisoners are free.

Prestigious Nicaraguan School Rejects Political Proselytism

Nicaraguan School

Students who demonstrated a few days ago by posting slogans, carrying flags and singing the National Hymn made the presidential grandchildren.

Ortega Government to “Monitor” Family Remittances

Police state wants to know when someone receives a family remittance exceeding 500 dollars, wins prizes at casinos, buys a car, sell gold, etc.

We Are Not the Children of the Nicaraguan Revolution

We Are Not the Children

We are the children of unhealed trauma. We want to lay the foundations to not live under a similar dictatorship in another 40 years.

The Economist Sees Ortega in Power in Nicaragua Through 2022


The British publication warns of “the high risk of fractures within the regime, if the economic or political conditions worsen.”

Nicaragua’s April Rebellion Half-Way Down the Road

April Rebellion

From the impact of the university youth, now as an autonomous political force, depends how we will be able to reach the end.

Hunger and Poverty Assault Nicaraguans

Hunger and Poverty, Rising food costs strain Nicaraguan

Families sell used clothing, run through their savings, eat only two meals a day, or prioritize the kids in order to survive.

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