Civic Alliance Demands Government Compliance Before More Talks

Civic Alliance

“We no longer want promises, because as the saying goes: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” says Carlos Tunnermann.

Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners Want Their Voices Heard

Political Prisoners

From the prisons of Nicaragua some heartbreaking letters have come out in which the prisoners tell of the tortures.

Nicaragua’s El Chipote Prison: The Ax Survives its Owner

El Chipote

El Chipote is, according to former inmates, one of Nicaragua’s oldest and most infamous torture centers.

Informe Semanal | Recuento de la Semana Santa: la dictadura impone represión

Las noticias más destacadas de la jornada en Nicaragua.

Programa especial 21 de abril de 2019: entrevistas desde el exilio

Programa completo: Entrevistas y análisis sobre la crisis en Nicaragua.

Dublin, Ireland Event Commemorates “One year of Resistance in Nicaragua”

  • Molly O’Duffy
  •  17 de abril 2019

Two of the participants had been on stage with Daniel Ortega when he visited Dublin in May 1989.

For Nicaraguans April Never Ended


This awakening was not about ideologies, but for the country and against a common adversary: the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.

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