Nicaragua: The April that’s Lasted a Whole Year

restore democracy in Nicaragua, April rebelion, democratic way out

Young Nicaraguans tell what April means to them, the month the civic insurrection began.

The Failure of the Negotiations in Nicaragua with Ortega

Failure of the Negotiations

Paradoxically, this crisis presents the broad Blue and White Alliance with an opportunity to modify the balance of power with international support.

Nicaragua: Notes on a Countdown


The failure of Ortega and Murillo, the dialogue agreements, early elections and the foundations for a Nicaragua without Ortega.

“I Wanted them to Kill Me to End the Pain”, says Nicaragua Prisoner

Nicaragua Prisoner

Cristian Melendez, political prisoner, now transferred to house arrest, has scars from the torture he suffered in the “El Chipote” jail.

Nicaragua Dialogue Fails: Ortega Clings to Impunity

Nicaragua Dialogue Fails

The Civic Alliance demands implementation of the accord to release political prisoners and restore freedoms, but there are no agreements on issues.

Nicaraguan Feminists in Exile: “While Ortega Remains in Power, Nobody will be Safe”

Feminists in Exile

Feminists have been part of the civic rebellion. Some have had to go into exile, and they face their own difficulties.

“Daniel and Rosario Decided Not to Move Up the Elections” in Nicaragua

Not to Move Up the Elections

Former magistrate Rafael Solis: “The presence of the IACHR as a qualified guarantor is fundamental.”

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