What Will Decide Nicaragua’s Fate?

  • Aryeh Neier
  •  3 de abril 2019

Ortega first led Nicaragua after his left-wing Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) overthrew the previous dictatorship in 1979.

Nicaraguan Exiles in New York Demand Freedom for the Political Prisoners

A group of Nicaraguans in the United States held a protest in which they demand the departure of Ortega from power.

Civic Alliance Pressures for International Guarantors

Civic Alliance

Repression evidences “lack of political will” by the Ortega regime.

Early Elections in Nicaragua Still Up in the Air

Elections in Nicaragua

Civic Alliance assures that it will not yield in demanding early presidential elections to overcome the crisis after the Ortega massacre.

Ortega Promises to Free Political Prisoners and Allow Rights & Freedoms


Azahalea Solis: The government’s commitment to fulfill the Constitution is “surreal”, since every aspect of this requires a specific protocol.

Nicaraguans from Jinotepe Describe their Exile in Costa Rica

Exile in Costa Rica

They left in secret, through trails, enduring hunger and thirst. In Costa Rica they reorganized as “July 8 Movement.”

Nicaragua’s Agricultural Cycle Endangered by Lack of Credit

Agricultural Cycle

Banks are not offering credit, because they have no money to lend. Economist Nestor Avendano warns of a 20% drop in the GNP.

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