“Be Strong, Nicaragua!” Nahiroby Olivas, 18, Shouts from Prison

Nahiroby Olivas

A hyperactive youth who practiced ballet, played soccer, wrote poems and studied law decided to leave his home to go to Leon.

Ortega Confiscates Assets of Nicaraguan Health NGO


“The goods and assets must be delivered to the State of Nicaragua,” says the decree approved by the National Assembly.

New US Gov. Sanctions Hit Nicaragua’s VP Murillo & “Magnistky Nica” Appears Next

Trump declares the regime a “threat.” Former diplomats: Ortega must “renegotiate” his exit; they warn of more repression.

State of Siege is the New “Normalicy” in Nicaragua

To speak of normality is a solemn lunacy. What we’re really experiencing is a State of Siege that’s been imposed by force with no legal foundation.

Ortega Regime Expels Prominent Feminist Ana Quiros

Ana Quiros, Maria Jesus Ara, Beatriz Huber and Ana Ara were called in to immigration. Quiros was then taken to the infamous El Chipote.

Nicaragua: The School Girl Who Threw a Rock at the Police

I don’t know why those students went out on the street, but it’s once again clear that struggle is in the air we’re breathing in Nicaragua.

The Resignation of Ortega-Murillo and the Transition

Ortega commands, but no longer governs the country; neither does he represent a viable option to negotiate a political.

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