Nicaraguan Neurosurgeon Reveals Torture Cases He’s Attended

Josmar Briones supported the demonstrators since the protests began and was a witness to the human rights violations

What Ortega Has in Common with Other Dictators?

Dictators, besides being repressive, are liars. They can also pretend that they are not interested in riches, but they always die affluent.

Fact-checking Daniel Ortega’s Version of Events

Fact-checking Daniel Ortega

He denies the existence of paramilitary forces, political prisoners, torture, corruption and nepotism.

Nicaragua’s Female Political Prisoners Suffer Inhumane Conditions

Political Prisoners

The water used for bathing produces fungi in their skin and they have no access to medicines, although one of them suffers terminal cancer.

“Violaciones con AK-47 y orden de no atender heridos”

Josmar Briones

Josmar Briones apoyó a los manifestantes desde el inicio de las protestas y fue testigo de las violaciones a derechos humanos

Qué dice el régimen sobre sus propios crímenes

A través de la matanza desatada en Nicaragua, Ortega ha socavado las bases de su legitimidad y demostrado que es incapaz de seguir gobernando

Solidarity with the Dictatorship is to Go Against Life


The affinity of some foreign leftists with Daniel Ortega is based on the typical demagogical discourse of dictators.

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