Ortega Gives Nicaraguan Citizenship to El Salvador Fugitive Mauricio Funes

  • Arlen Cerda
  •  31 de julio 2019

Salvadoran justice can no longer extradite him, because protection only serves within the national territory.

Nicaragua: Political Reform and Elections in 2020

Ortega can continue to impose a state of siege for a few more months, but the only thing he will achieve is to accelerate further the destruction.

“Brazil Should Apply More Pressure” to Ortega, says Mother of Rayneia Lima

Rayneia Lima

In an interview with Confidencial and Esta Semana Rayneia’s mother affirms that the regime never told her that they were representing her at the trial.

Ortega: The Peace of the Graves

The theater of the negotiating table was a ruse to save time, weather the storm and maneuver to change the correlation of forces.

The Myths that Hound Us in Nicaragua

Let’s bet on changes, but not make the mistake of believing that, in months, we will change our political culture and government system.

Paramilitary who Killed Brazilian Med Student Set Free in Nicaragua

Brazilian Med Student

Diplomatic sources warn that the Brazilian government will strongly protest the release of the murderer.

Nicaragua: Students to Resume Protests Despite Police State


The students submitted their request to the Police for permission to hold a march on Thursday, July 25th starting at 2:00 p.m. in Managua.

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