The Massacre to Sabotage Nicaraguan University Students’ Demands, One Year On


A year has passed since the attack on Managua’s National Autonomous University (UNAN) and on the Church of the Divine Mercy.

Masaya Closed its Doors to Ortega

Ortega led the caravan in a double-decker bus surrounded by hundreds of police.

Nicaraguan Journalists Persecuted by the Ortega Regime Continue Reporting

In Nicaragua, independent journalists work in the shadows and suffer the consequences of reporting that which the regime would prefer to keep hidden.

Nicaraguan Defense Expert: Ortega Won’t Disarm the Paramilitary


Disarming them will be a challenge for the new democratic government and their international support.

Nicaragua: The Mafia in Action

The Mafia

Three years ago, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) published a study of money laundering.

La Última Mirada News: Laureano se va a Rusia con Putin y Annabelle regresa

Roberto Cajina, experto en Defensa: “Ortega no desarmará a los paramilitares”

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